Find acquisition opportunities
using data no one else has access to

Access performance data from major app marketplaces and find your perfect acquisition target while avoiding competition
93,868 products from 6 marketplaces... and counting
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Having an easy access to thousands of deals on acquisition platforms is great.

But that’s also the reason why you have to compete with tons of other buyers for every deal.

And high competition = high multiples.

That's why we built Offmarket.

Offmarket tracks app performance data from major app marketplaces (and other sources) so you can build your off-market deal flow and reach out to founders directly, with no competition.

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WordPress: 59,528 plugins

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Indie Hackers: 16,897 products

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Shopify: 9,251 apps

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Bubble: 4,072 plugins

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Figma: 3,351 plugins

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GitHub: 810 apps

...and more data sources are added every month.

here's what you can do with offmarket

View growth trends

Identify promising products before they take off using data no one else has access to.
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Set advanced filters based on your investment thesis

Easily sift through the 93k+ products from the database to find your perfect match.
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Get an inside look - no signup needed

View founder contact details without leaving the database

No need for third-party tools. Verified emails only.
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Get notified about new apps matching your criteria

Set your desired filters, create notifications, and get an email feed of new products matching your investment thesis.
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Frequently asked questions

What marketplaces are available in the database?
Offmarket currently has data from:
• WordPress: 59,528 plugins
• Indie Hackers: 16,897 products
• Shopify: 9,251 apps
• Bubble: 4,072 plugins
• Figma: 3,351 plugins
• GitHub: 810 apps
New marketplaces and data points are added every month.
What are the available data points for each app marketplace?
The data points vary between marketplaces. Access the app to see for yourself!
Do I have to subscribe to a paid plan to see the data?
Not at all! You can preview the database without even signing up.
How many founder contact details can I view a month?
As many as you want!
How can I use this data?
You can use the database to find and acquire companies as a source of profitable revenue, as a new user acquisition channel, to acquire a competitor, or even as a source of sales leads.

Still have questions?

Get in touch and I (Kacper, the founder) will get back to you ASAP.